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S-95 Fire Guard Practice Exam App

Need to pass the exam for the S-95 Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems New York City Fire Department (FDNY)?


S-95 Fireguard Exam Practice App
Our instructors have helped thousands of clients prepare for and pass the S95 exam. We have created a bank of 100 questions that are similar in design and difficulty to the ones you will find when you take the actual test at the FDNY.

The Fire guard certification S95 is issued by the FDNY after passing an exam 70 or higher consisting of 35 multiple choice questions.

Just like the FDNY certificate of fitness exam, this app will randomly generate 25 multiple choice questions each time you take the S95 practice test and will allow you 53 minutes to complete the test. You can take it as many times as needed.

The types of questions covered on the test app are categorized just like the ones from the FDNY S95 fire guard test examination questions and answers included in the study materials.

Questions are categorized just like the ones at the FDNY

Fire Codes
Fire Alarm Systems Operation, Testing and Maintenance
Responsibilities and Limitations of the COF Holder
Fire Alarm Signaling and Peripheral Devices
Record Keeping and Notifications Requirements
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The S-95 Exam practice APP

Any building with an FDNY approved fire alarm system or other related system is required to be under the supervision of a Certificate of Fitness holder. The S-95 Certificate of Fitness is authorized to personally supervise the visual inspection of a Fire Alarm Systems without any voice communication system.

This Certificate of Fitness is valid only at a specific location and for the specific person to whom it is issued.

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