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Rules and Regulations

Attendance Policy

Students must be present during the entire training period. Attending this training is NOT a guarantee of passing ANY of the required examination(s).

Classroom Rules

All classes start at 9:00 am, unless otherwise instructed. If you are not on time, you will not be permitted to attend the class.

All classes end at 5:00 p.m., unless otherwise instructed. You must plan on staying in training until the end of the class. Students are required to pass all tests, as required by the State of New York. Training that is scheduled for more than one day, requires the student to attend EVERY day of training and pass all required examinations.

There will be NO cell phone usage during the class. All cell phones, pagers or other electronic devices should be turned off OR on vibrate. Students will only be allowed to take a phone call for true emergencies. All other calls will be returned at break time.

There is no food or beverages allowed during class. 

Any student who repeatedly falls asleep, found to be overtly inattentive, or is disruptive to the other students will be removed from the class session without a refund.

Dress code- comfortable, but neat and appropriate please.
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