30 hour Required Course for Construction Workers and Supervisors 


10 Hour Site Safety Training

In-Person Classes Temporarily Suspended. Currently Only Online Training. 


The OSHA 30-Hour construction safety training course is a comprehensive program for field supervisors, safety directors, foreman and construction workers. The program is designed to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for men and women. This class will cover OSHA standards and procedures, fall protection, health hazards, electrical hazards, worker’s rights and more. 


Under Local Law 196, New York City now requires all workers within specified job sites to meet new OSHA training requirements. By December 1st, 2018, all workers must have a Limited Site Safety Training Card. To obtain this, workers must complete a 30-hour OSHA course. (You can learn more here.) 

NYC Dept of Buildings Notice:

Local law 197 of 2017 introduced new training requirements for construction workers and supervisors. Workers MUST complete a total of 40 hours of training by September 1st, 2020 in order to qualify for a Site Safety Training (SST) Card.  


The easiest way for a worker to receive a combined 40 hours of training is to complete the 30 Hour OSHA Construction training program and then the 10 hour Site Safety Training which is comprised of an 8 Hour Fall Prevention Course and the 2 Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness Course. This course can be done online.

Construction Workers and Supervisors

All classes are taught by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) authorized instructors. Students receive a card acknowledging they have successfully completed the class. OSHA cards do not expire. However, as per the New York City Department of Buildings, the card must have been issued within the past 5 years in order to work on any site. 


The 10 Hour Site Safety Training, that is now required by NYC Department of Buildings, is a supplemental course taken after the 30 Hour Training.  

      Upon Completion of the 30 Hour Course    

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize worker rights and employer responsibilities under OSHA

  • Discuss OSHA standards and procedures such as inspections and filing complaints

  • Define methods of controlling the focus four hazards that construction workers may be exposed to

  • Identify ways to select appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and life-saving equipment

  • Explain risks associated with unsafe use of scaffolding equipment on construction sites

  • Identify what the responsibilities are for both employers and employees

  • Understand importance of respiratory equipment

  • Learn about hazard communication program for construction

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Online Course fee: $325 

This is a 4 Day class and is being held over 2 consecutive weekends On Saturday & Sunday. You can book the class here or by contacting our office. Schedules may be subject to change. Please contact us if you have any questions. 
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10  Hour Site  Safety Training  (SST) Course    
You must complete the 30 hr OSHA Training Before Taking This Course

8 Hour Fall Prevention Course:

  • The leading cause of death in the construction industry is from falls. Construction workers must have fall protection when working at a height of six feet or more. This 8 Hour Fall Prevention course provides training for workers on how to recognize, avoid, minimize, and correct fall hazards on job sites. The course will cover fall hazards, competent person responsibilities, types of fall protection systems, calculation of fall distances, proper anchorage points and more.


2 Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness Course:


  • This course provides training for workers on drug and alcohol dependence disorders and how they affect people, especially in the workplace. Students will learn the dangers of being under the influence in the workplace and the signs to look for to determine if someone may be under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The course will cover the effects of drugs and alcohol use on construction sites and in personal life. 

Online Course fee: $199 *  This fee INCLUDES the cost of the SST card  (*many schools charge extra for this).

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