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Broad Selection of Capable Recruits.
Professional Training Approved by the NYS DCJS.
Industry-Renowned Partner in Security Guard Recruitment.
Top-ranked New York Security Guard Training
Guardian Group Services, a top security guard training school, matches ideal security recruits to firms in need - the right guard for the right company, trained and ready to perform. From private security for healthcare facilities to event security for college campuses, our graduates are trained to perform in a wide range of locations. If your security firm needs us, we are ready to provide.

The client always comes first - we build solutions based on your specific needs. Guardian Group graduates are trained by the best instructors in the industry. Our training school helps to assign highly trained unarmed security guards to top security companies in need of our services, ensuring the best possible match for the needs of your clients.

Our track record of excellence speaks for itself. Guardian Group partners with top security guard companies in the industry for maximum results. With a high demand for our graduates, one of the most qualified training teams in the industry, and years of experience, you are guaranteed to have a large selection of highly-trained guards who are ready to perform. As a NYS approved school, our promise is to train our guards under the highest standards.


State-of-the-art facilities along with experienced and knowledgeable instructors allow us to train guards with a professional skill set for various facility types.
Guardian Group tailors security guards to fit your needs – our recruitment specialists work diligently to provide you with qualified, highly-trained recruits ready to work in your security firm.
We believe in the power of the present. Our training processes are regularly updated and fine-tuned for consistency with emerging trends in the field of security.
Our courses and training protocols are balanced to firmly instill security basics without losing emphasis on smaller, yet vital details. The result is a strong, thorough process that prepares Guardian Group graduates for various situations they may encounter on the job.
We ensure that all of our security guards are taught the most up-to-date information when it comes to common security issues and current situations.

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