The Guardian Advantage

Security Firms Enjoy Reliable and Custom Trained Guards

A Deeper Pool of  Qualified 
On-Site Training School
A Reliable Industry Partner
Guards Customized to Your Needs

Our model of putting our client’s needs first helps us provide the best solutions for your specific requirements.

Why Security Firms work with Guardian

The Guardian Group Approach

Enjoy a reliable and strong source of job candidates in a market of limited supply

Work with a partner who understands your needs

Get security guards custom trained and certified for your specific needs.

Proprietary training methods and customized programs to prepare new guards

We have a clear understanding of which job candidates will be the best fit for your company. 

Guardian Group Service's prime focus is on training new security guards who are “tailor made” to the needs of our clients.

Screening of existing security guards

On-Site Training School



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Guardian Group Services is a security training and recruitment company. For any questions or inquiries, contact us through our website or provided information. 

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