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Fireguard F60 Practice Exam App

Need to pass the exam for the F-60 Fire Guard Torch Operations at the New York City Fire Department (FDNY)?


F60 Fire Guard Exam App
With over 100 exam-style questions in our F-60 Practice Test App, you can test your knowledge repeatedly anytime, anywhere on your mobile device. Taking the F-60 practice test can help boost examination scores by identifying the correct answers and any knowledge gaps.

Use our app to study efficiently on your schedule and pass the FDNY F-60 exam. You will also gain access to the F-60 Study Guide, straight from the app!

Feel confident in your abilities to oversee hot work and to ensure torch operation is conducted safely, protecting lives and property from fire with our comprehensive exam prep app. Download our Fireguard F60 practice exam app + F60 study guide and start your test preparation!

The app covers all the hot work area safety measures included in the FDNY F60 exam:

The F60 practice test app covers various question categories similar to those found in the FDNY F60 Fire Guard test examination. The F-60 study material includes questions and answers related to the following topics:
Precautions of Hot Work Operations: The app includes questions about safety measures and precautions associated with hot work operations, which aim to ensure a comprehensive understanding of potential hazards.

Precautions of Hot Work Operations: You can get familiar with the necessary permits and Certificate of Fitness (COF) requirements for fire guard duties as outlined by the FDNY.

Inspection Report and Notification: The app also includes questions about inspection reports and notifications as required by the FDNY.

Fire Suppression: There are also questions related to fire suppression techniques and strategies, helping enhance your knowledge of effective ways to control and combat fires.

Pre-Check, The Work Area and Fire Watch: The app includes questions about pre-check procedures, maintaining a safe work area, and the responsibilities of a fire watch, providing a well-rounded tool to understand the fire guard's role.
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The F60 Exam practice APP

The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) requires anyone working as a Fire Guard for Torch Operations to be a valid Certificate of Fitness holder. This certification demonstrates that you understand the precautions, permits, inspection procedures and risk of fire and suppression methods needed to safely oversee hot work. Earning your F-60 COF from the FDNY involves passing a 25-question multiple-choice test with a score of 70% or higher.

The F60 Fireguard Certificate of Fitness Exam is essential for individuals engaged in specific roles, including fire watch duties during hot work operations.

  • Mandatory Certification: Holding a Certificate of Fitness F60 Fireguard is a mandatory requirement for those involved in the following scenarios:
Construction sites
Rooftop operations where torch-applied roof systems are in operation, and
In any building or structure, when the torch operation is conducted by a person holding a citywide permit for torch operations.
  • Critical for Fire Safety: The F60 certification ensures that individuals are adequately trained and equipped to perform fire watch responsibilities, contributing to overall fire safety in various operational settings.

  • Specialized Training: The F60 Exam Practice App developed by Guardian Group Services facilitates focused preparation for the FDNY Certificate of Fitness exam, ensuring candidates are well-prepared and knowledgeable in the required areas.

  • Accessible Resource: With the exam practice app, students gain convenient access to a valuable resource that aids in mastering the content and requirements of the F60 Fireguard certification.
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