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Fireguard F03-F04 Practice Test App

Need to pass the Certificate of Fitness exam for the F-03 / F-04 Fire Guard at the Fire Department of New York (FDNY)?


F02 Practice Test App from Guardian Group Services
Are you preparing to take the test for the F-03 / F-04 Fireguard Certificate of Fitness at the Fire Department of New York? This App is designed for you.

This is the ONLY fire guard app that has been developed specifically designed to help you do that.

Our instructors are experts in the field and have helped thousands of students prepare for and pass the F03 fireguard and F04 fireguard exams. We have created a bank of 100 questions and answers that are similar in design and difficulty to the ones you will encounter when you take the actual fire guard test at the Fire Department of New York.

Just like the FDNY certificate of fitness exam, the fireguard app will randomly generate 25 multiple choice questions each time you take the F-03 fireguard practice test or the F 04 fireguard practice test, and will allow you 30 minutes to complete them. You can take the tests as many times as you like.

The App covers the Indoor Place of Assembly Safety Personnel (F-03) and the Temporary Place of Assembly Safety Personnel (Citywide)(F-04) preparatory content. Questions are categorized just like the ones at the FDNY:
General Duties for Place of Public Assembly Safety Personnel
Active Shooter Emergency Procedures
Portable fire Extinguishers
Signage and Fire Protection Systems
Emergency Procedures and Notification
Special Requirements and Duties for F-03 Cof F
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The F 04 / F 03 fireguard practice test app has a link to the official FDNY study material for the exams. The study material covers the policies about individuals who are responsible for assisting in maintaining fire safety in indoor and outdoor places of assembly and public gathering events.

Keep record of your progress and track correct and incorrect answers to review and improve

The F03-F04 APP

The Fireguard F03-F04 APP is an f03 fireguard practice test and f04 fireguard practice test that helps you prepare for the Fireguard F03-F04 exams. The app has a link to the official FDNY study material for the F-03 / F-04 exam and it will also keep a record of your test history so you can go back and see what you got right and what you got wrong.

The study material outlines
Want more information about Certificates of Fitness offered by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY).

Prepares you for the test with links to review material
Allows 30 minute time for the practice test
Questions are randomly selected
With true or false statements like the real test
Provides feedback on your performance. Get your results once completed
Review your Fireguard Answers to learn from previous mistakes
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