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American Red Cross First Aid Training - ONLINE COURSE

This course is an ONLINE Training Course authorized by the American Red Cross.


Are you interested in learning how to provide first aid in emergency situations? The American Red Cross online first aid course can help you learn the skills you need to know. These first aid classes are designed for adults and teenagers, and can be beneficial for parents, teachers, coaches, and others. With this knowledge, you can help those in crisis receive care until medical professionals arrive.

First Aid care is essential to stabilizing a patient until emergency medical services arrive. Without immediate care, a patient's condition can quickly deteriorate. First aid training provides the tools necessary to prevent further deterioration and potentially saving lives.

The American Red Cross has designed this online course to help you learn how to provide first aid in an emergency. With these courses, you will be able to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to assist others in their time of need.

Online Course

  • Work at your own pace
  • Engaging and Interactive courses
  • Start taking your course immediately
  • Course access after completion
  • Taught by certified instructors

The American Red Cross offers digital certification that can be accessed at any time after completion of the course. This First Aid certificate provides a record of the student's training history and course completion.

You might be wondering "where can I find a first aid training near me?" This class is completely online and provides a convenient and easy way to get the training so you don’t need to find a class near you.

This online First Aid course does not satisfy OSHA workplace safety certification requirements. If you are looking to meet CPR training or other requirements for workplace safety you must take the Adult First Aid CPR/AED course, in blended learning courses.

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Online Course

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