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First Aid for Opioid Overdoses Online Course

This course is an ONLINE Training Course authorized by the American Red Cross.


First Aid for Opioid Overdoses Online Course

The opioid use disorder epidemic has reached crisis levels in recent years. This epidemic has become a major public health issue, with communities across the country scrambling to find solutions. In response, many are now offering training courses on how to administer first aid in the event of an overdose. With the right knowledge, anyone can be equipped to save a life.

The American Red Cross First Aid for Opioid Overdoses Online course is a great resource for those who want to learn how to respond to a suspected opioid overdose emergency. First, you will learn to identify opioid overdose symptoms and signs of a suspected overdose.

As part of first aid care for an opioid overdose, you will also learn appropriate care to provide based on the person's responsiveness.

The opioid overdose training covers:

  • Sign, Symptoms and first aid for opioid overdose
  • Opioid overdose prevention
  • Withdrawal Symptoms

Also covered in this course is how to use nasal atomizers, Narcan, and EVZIO, among other naloxone products in order to reverse the effects of an overdose.

This course will take you approximately 45 minutes to complete, and includes audio and video components. In order to successfully finish the course, you must pass a final quiz.

Digital Certification is available from the American Red Cross and can be accessed online at any time once obtained. This certificate provides a record of the student's training history and course completion. No need to carry a printed version with you everywhere you go!

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