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Add-on Fingerprinting Services


After you complete your security guard training class, having your fingerprints taken is required for New York State to process your security guard license.

Here’s how it works:

    1. Complete this secure payment. This fee covers the fingerprinting services and us sending you the required application forms and instructions.
    2. We’ll send you an email with further details on the process and a Fingerprint Information form that MUST be completed for us to book your appointment.
    3. Once your payment is confirmed and the form is completed, we will send you an email with your appointment date and location. Based on your zip code, the fingerprint appointment will be at a location that is convenient to you.


  • Fast and Easy:  Start your Licensing process instantly
  • Secure Payment:  Our system is secure and protects your information
  • Convenient: Your fingerprint appointment will be located near you

Please Note:  New York State charges a separate $36 processing Fee which must be enclosed with the application that you will mail to them.

Additional information

Fingerprint Add-on Price:


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