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What we do

Guardian Group Services helps recruit and train security guards for major security firms that provide contracted security guard services. We provide highly trained professional security guards that are perfectly suited for your needs. We act as an extension to your own HR department. We deliver superior results and peace of mind through our customized approach. 

Our security guard training school is top ranked in New York City. It is also approved by the New York State Department of Criminal Justice System.


Our proven ability to provide better quality recruitment services has made us the company of choice for major private security firms. They provide security solutions for diverse facilities and a wide range of industries, ranging from:
Residential complexes.
College campuses.
Government buildings.
Healthcare facilities.
Commercial businesses.
Construction projects.
Major airports.
High-profile public landmarks.


We know what it takes to help our clients find the right security guard personnel. Our security programs are designed to meet the safety challenges of virtually any facility and setting.
We have one of the industry’s most qualified recruitment teams.
We consistently secure the best candidates in the markets we serve. 
Our retention rates are among the highest in the industry.
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Our Leadership & Management Expertise


Bruce Weiss
Guardian Group Services founder, Bruce Weiss has years of experience servicing most of New York City’s major workforce development programs. Such programs include CBO’s and educational institutions. His expertise is the security industry.

 He has long standing relationships with many of the city’s largest security companies. He has placed thousands of security job candidates in jobs. His attention to detail and the service he provides to his clients is unparalleled.

He has developed and continues to refine highly customized training and recruitment systems and techniques. Additionally, he has developed Apps to help customize security guard training. These apps provide him the ability to fulfill the specific needs of each security company that Guardian Group services.
Charles McNamara has over 20 years in the Private Security industry, and is a United States Veteran having served in the US Army. Charles holds degrees in Criminal Justice, and Security Guard Management after attending courses at John Jay College. Charles is a member of many training organizations, and is a certified instructor who teaches the Security Guard Training Courses, OSHA training courses as well as various FDNY and RED CROSS certified courses.

He has worked closely with many city and state agencies to offer general training to community organizations, and private business owners and led tabletop training and mock drills to practice real world emergency scenarios. He has also started a podcast that helps individuals get into the industry as well as talk about new trends in training, equipment and gear breakdowns, and has other Subject Matter Experts on as guests to discuss important topics.

Charles McNamaraDirector of Operations

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