Security Guard Training
Recruitment Services

  • Security Guards Customized for Your Needs.

  • Deep Pool Of Qualified Candidates.

  •  On-Site Training School.

Why Clients Trust Guardian Group Services

Guardian Group Services provides professional security guards perfectly suited for the needs of major security firms that provide contracted security personnel. We deliver superior results through our customized training and approach.

With Guardian Group Services, you always get:

Deep Pool of Qualified 


On-Site Training School

Customized Security Job Candidates 

Proprietary Recruitment & Training Systems

Vetting & Recruitment 

Guardian Group Services was founded with a commitment to providing clients with highly trained, quality employees for private security guard services.

Exceptional screening abilities are the key to us finding you the right job candidates. 

Dependable Training

Our training school works with a team of experienced and certified security guard instructors with expectations as high as your own.

With Guardian Group, you receive employees that are job ready. 

 Site Specific Certification 

Different sites and facilities require that security guards have specific certifications.

Guardian Group provides the needed training  and certifications.

Find Quality Security Guards. Get Reliable Training.

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Guardian Group Services is a security training and recruitment company. For any questions or inquiries, contact us through our website or provided information. 

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